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HTC Shift Tablet Found Running Mac OS X

When it was initially announced, the HTC Shift gained fame for being able to dual-boot between both Windows Mobile and Vista itself, making it a unique hybrid netbook/tablet. But booting OS X on it? Apparently, that can also be done, courtesy of a member on XDA forums.

Sometimes, people do things purely just to make a statement, and this latest hack falls nicely into that class. This particular hack, though, is sure to rattle Apple’s feathers, considering its legally dubious nature.

Apparently, a user over at XDA forums got bored with dual-booting between two versions of Windows on his HTC Shift, so we went and replaced the OSes on the device with that of Apple’s Mac OS X. Yes, you read that right: Mac OS X Leopard was installed on the tablet.

And the best part of it? It actually works. Well, sort of: WiFi, Bluetooth and the biometric sensors were not recognized, but everything else was. While it may sound great, chances are the idea of lugging around a phone/tablet hybrid which cannot connect to an access point via WiFi will render it almost useless on the practicality scale.

Then again, it is not that great of a loss: at least you still get a device running on Mac OS X.

Source: PocketNow.com

*Disclaimer: Downloading and installing hacked versions of OS X on non-Apple hardware is a violation of Apple’s EULA. Do so at your own risk.

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