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HTC rumored to cancel 12″ Windows 8 RT tablet, 7″ tablet still in the works

HTC Windows RT tablet

A couple of weeks ago, we had posted an interesting story about HTC working on 12-inch and 7-inch Windows 8 RT powered tablets. A fresh rumor indicates that the troubled company may have cancelled the larger 12-inch version.

Remember the HTC Flyer? If you don’t, you’re forgiven. HTC hasn’t had a particularly happening history in the tablet market, but that doesn’t stop the company from working on its own Windows 8 RT powered tablets. A few weeks ago, we had reported that the company might be working on both 12-inch and 7-inch Windows RT tablets. A fresh report indicates that the company might have dropped the 12-incher, focusing entirely on the smaller tablet instead.

HTC 7 inch Windows RT

Iit is quite understandable for the company to drop the larger Windows RT product, seeing that there is virtually no market for it (Microsoft’s triumphant failure to make anything out of their RT platform). At the price point of a 10-inch+ tablet, consumers prefer to pick an Android offering (Nexus 10) or the Apple iPad instead. Also, a 12-inch tablet would hardly be cheap and to compensate higher costs, HTC would have to push the price the tablet higher, adding to sales woes. All this only adds to the credibility of the rumor.

Thankfully, HTC hasn’t completely abandoned its tablet dreams. The company is still working on a 7-inch RT tablet as they believe that a smaller tablet is what people want.  As of now there are no 7-inch Windows tablets in the market and companies have no idea how consumers might react to one. We strongly believe that Windows RT isn’t the best of platforms to invest time and R&D into, HTC might be better off producing a quality Android tablet instead (check out the Sony Xperia Z tablet). Anyways, it will be a couple of months before we actually see their new product hit the market. Until then, sit tight.

Source: Bloomberg via GigaOM

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