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HTC One with larger 5+ inch display could be coming soon

A report has surfaced claiming that HTC is working on a version of the One that will sport a display larger than 5 inches, but lower than 6 inches.

If you’ve really taken a liking to the HTC One, but have refrained from buying one simply because you wish it had a larger screen, you might be in luck. Pocket-Lint is reporting that “people familiar with the matter” have told them that HTC is indeed working on a version of the HTC One that takes the screen from 4.7 inches to over 5.

They say their source is currently unable to confirm an exact screen size, but the range they have been given is above 5 inches but below 6 inches. That’s quite a bit bigger than the current version at 4.7 inches, so we might be looking at a possible phablet from HTC, because to accommodate that range of screen sizes the device would have to be notably larger than it already is.

The report also mentions that the specs would remain the same as the current HTC One, which is a bit of a shame considering they’d probably be able to include something newer in the device, like the S800 processor (depending on when it releases) or perhaps a bigger battery to power the bigger screen.

Nonetheless, HTC has been doing quite well with the One, having sold 5 million smartphones since its release, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that they’d want to expand the line. There were also rumors of an HTC One Mini sporting a 4.3 inch display, so it’s reasonable to assume that they might wish to expand it in the other direction as well. There is no word on when the bigger HTC One should be announced as the report simply states “soon”.

Source: Pocket-Lint Via: Android Community

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