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HTC ‘One Wear’ smartwatch in the works, One M8 Prime reportedly aborted

The latest round of rumors concerning future HTC releases suggests the highly anticipated One M8 Prime smartphone is no more, while smartwatch development is in fairly advanced stages, with a One Wear piece possibly due by September.


Although HTC hinted numerous times in the recent past it’s got its sights set on the booming wearable market, we always thought the Taiwanese would be looking to get their handheld ducks in a row before gambling on intelligent wristwatches.

But the same source that fully detailed Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Active way ahead of the formal intro claims an early prototype of the “One Wear” has been showcased in Taiwan. Naturally, the name is subject to change, albeit it sounds pretty cool, whereas the only features set in stone are allegedly build materials.

Expect both polycarbonate and metal flavors around in late August/early September, the former obviously targeting the low-cost niche and the latter going out to folks on unlimited budgets. The devices resemble Motorola’s Moto 360 rather than LG’s G Watch or Samsung Gears, with round displays, not square panels.

HTC M8 Prime

Exactly how plausible is this story? Again, the tipster in question recently supplied us with rock-solid intel. But one leak does not a leakster make. So I’d say the odds are 50-50 he’s right once more.

Meanwhile, a guy that’s almost always right, evleaks, says One M8 Prime development “has been suspended indefinitely”. Period. No reason mentioned, no further details, no nothing. Of course, “suspended indefinitely” doesn’t mean “canceled for eternity”, so sooner or later, the Prime could still see daylight. Probably, later.

Or maybe the M8 Prime project was frozen to make way for the M8 Plus. Whose existence TK Tech News also backed, corroborated with whispers of a 5.2-inch Quad HD display, 13 megapixel OIS camera, aluminum construction and water protection. Yeah, forget the Prime, this Plus thing will do just fine.

Sources: TK Tech News, Evleaks

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