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KitKat comes to HTC One just in time for Valentine’s Day

Sprint looks to have won the US race for fastest carrier to certify Android 4.4 for HTC One, whereas in Canada the all-metal 4.7-inch phone is being upgraded to KitKat as we speak on all major wireless networks.


For once, North American mobile aficionados shan’t resent Europeans. Folks on the old continent got played by an overzealous, overachieving French carrier which talked the talk but failed to walk the walk, so at the end of the day America’s Sprint actually delivered Android 4.4 earlier than SFR.

Kudos to Rogers, Telus, Bell, Virgin, SaskTel and Wind up north too, as they all seem to have “certified” the software pack in a semi-timely fashion. Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile? They’re dragging their feet a little, but worry not, as there’s KitKat for everybody on the horizon.

It’s also important to note that Sprint’s update is somewhat limited at the time, as the actual OTA (over-the-air) rollout is to begin on February 11. If you just can’t wait until then, you might be lucky to find the 535 MB package in Settings – System Updates.


The exact build number is 4.06.651.4 and, aside from Android 4.4.2-specific tweaks and enhancements, it should bring to the table a number of security upgrades, printing and Bluetooth improvement, plus the latest version of HTC’s love-it-or-hate-it Sense UI, 5.5.

Pretty much the same goes for our friends over in Canada, albeit around those parts the update weighs in at a slightly heftier 585 MB, so it may include a few extra bug fixes. And additional carrier-specific bloatware.

Soooo, where does that leave the One mini and max? Close, very, very close. Hopefully, due for the scrumptious chocolaty makeover by the end of the month. Oh, HTC, if only you’d care as much about older devices.

Sources: Sprint Community, Mobile Syrup

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