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HTC One Mini gets more confirmation in new leak

If you’re a fan of Android but are upset at the lack of premium feeling handsets that are smaller in size, the HTC One Mini may be a good fit whether it’s in your hand or pocket if this newly leaked image is anything to go by.


The HTC One Mini has been rumored for a little while now and possible leaks of the device have popped up across the internet to back up those claims. If for some reason you were waiting for even more reassurance the device was indeed coming, Engadget has received a new picture of the device and have shared it with the world.


The device still retains a lot of its height as you can see by comparing it to the original HTC One sitting next to it, but it loses a lot of it’s wideness instead, which should make a lot easier to hold in your hand or fit in a pocket if that is one of your concerns. As for the specs of the device, there is no official word but the trend in the Android world these days seems to be that a smaller phone should mean lower-end specs, so don’t expect anything too powerful.  The screen will likely be below 1080p and Engadget suggests that it might be powered by a dual-core 1.4 GHz processor, possibly a Snapdragon 400.

The device is expected to be officially announced in Q3 of this year so until we hear more from HTC or anyone else, this is the best information we have to go by yet.

Source: Engadget 

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