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HTC One Google Edition coming June 26th


A Google Edition of the HTC One has been confirmed, denied, and then confirmed again in recent days.  Well, now it’s officially confirmed.

Following Google’s announcement at their I/O event that there would be a Google Edition of the Galaxy S4, just about everybody was pleased to see that the stock Android experience would finally be available on a high-end device that isn’t a Nexus phone. There were also some people who were wishing that HTC would give their flagship device the same treatment, as many prefer the hardware quality of the HTC One to the Galaxy S4. Today, those wishes have come true.


What you’re seeing above is the HTC One running stock Android.  This Google Edition of the phone was confirmed today at D11 by none other than Sundar Pichai, who even had one on hand to whip out and show off.

This version of the HTC One will come with an unlocked bootloader, 32GB of storage (which is double the S4), and be priced at $599, which is also $50 less than the S4. The device will be fully unlocked and available to use on AT&T and T-Mobile. It should be available on Google’s Play Store on June 26, and will likely only be available in America at first.

If you’ve been waiting for another HTC Nexus phone for however many years, this is the closest thing you’ll get, so get ready to pounce.

Source: HTC Via: Engadget

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