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All new HTC One 2014

HTC One 2014 detailed in new 14 minute video ahead of official announcement

Lengthy new video confirms everything we know about the upcoming flagship smartphone.

All new HTC One 2014

While HTC finalizes its preparations for the official announcement of the new HTC One, a German YouTuber by the name of Hans Meyer has published a detailed video showing the device’s hardware, and parts of its software.

I do not understand a single word of the German language, so I cannot tell you what Mr. Meyer says in his brief time in the Internet’s spotlight. However, after watching the video, I can tell you one new piece of information about the HTC One (2014) that wasn’t known before: like the Galaxy S5, it comes with a more-powerful-than-usual battery saving mode. This will definitely get you a few extra hours of use out of your phone in emergency cases.

Other than that, the video shows off the new HTC One’s beautiful unibody design, the big, bright HD display, and the innovative dual camera system. The phone’s hardware specifications were leaked before.

When HTC does announce the phone tomorrow, I fear there will be no surprise new feature or hardware specification about the device. It’s a shame, considering how much work HTC has put into this absolute beast of an Android smartphone.

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