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Quad HD out, Full HD screen back in the cards for HTC M8 (aka One sequel)

HTC may swim against the Quad HD resolution tide after all and opt for a Full HD panel on its next-gen flagship device, according to a User Agent Profile found on the company’s website.


Would cramming as many as 2,560 x 1,440 pixels inside displays measuring between 5 and 6 inches actually deliver better, crisper images or more vibrant colors for owners of 2014 high-end smartphones? Will they be able to tell the difference? Or is going beyond FHD right now simply absurd, especially as higher resolution is likely to take a toll on battery life?

Depends very much on who you ask. Samsung looks hell-bent on not yielding an inch in the spec wars, as pointless as they may come to, and so the Galaxy S5 will most certainly go Quad HD. Or 2K, if you prefer.

Meanwhile, Sony was at one point tipped to follow suit with the Xperia Z2, however the latest word around the block is Z1’s follow-up (rehash?) is to keep things “modest” in the res department. HTC? Like the Xperia makers, they seemed destined to up the ante, but ultimately the M8 (aka One Plus, or +), is near guaranteed as a Full HD-toting beast.

HTC M8 UA Prof

How believable is the information this time around? Very, as it essentially comes straight from the horse’s mouth. Erm, for metaphorical purposes, the “horse” is HTC in this equation, with a User Agent Profile popping up on the company’s website.

The seemingly random string of numbers and letters clearly lists the res as 1,920 x 1,080, so the only way the tidbit can prove factually incorrect now is by assuming we’re dealing with a hoax and HTC is out to punk us.

For the sake of full clarity, the UA Prof exposed to light is for an HTC M8 version bound to land on AT&T, albeit odds are all models, regardless of geographical and carrier availability, will pack the same specs. Sooo, what about that Snapdragon 805 SoC? Is it still in the cards, or will we need to settle for S800 along with Full HD?

Sources: Twitter, HTC

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