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HTC M8 back cover exposed by Mr. Blurrycam, meet the One sequel in the flesh

It may seem a little too soon, but HTC’s rumored next-gen flagship device, codenamed M8, has been snapped on camera from the back.


Or rather its back has been snapped on camera, since the cover flies solo in this first batch of leaked pics, hinting that the manufacturing process is only now getting underway. Which makes perfect sense, as the HTC One has been formally introduced back in February 2013, so its follow-up can’t come sooner than next January.

Before sinking our teeth in the terribly fuzzy photos surfaced online, let’s get something that is surely on the back of everyone’s minds out of the way. No one has any idea how HTC will brand its upcoming spearhead.

And we’re unlikely to find out very soon. For now, all we have is a codename, M8, which clearly signals the device is an incremental update for the One, known prior to its release as the M7. Beyond that, the official moniker is anybody’s guess. Could it be the One Two? Just the Two? As ridiculous as they sound, everything’s possible.


That said, there are two, nay three details to note about the purported back cover of the HTC M8. First, it’s quite clearly made of metal, which should surprise no one. Then, there’s a small hole at the very top, above the rear-facing camera, basically setting in stone the featuring of fingerprint recognition technology.

Finally, albeit the design language should probably not change drastically compared to the One, there will be at least one key difference. The cover will neatly wrap the internal components, likely giving the vibe of a truly unibody built device, with extra elegance and style.

Oh, yeah, and apparently the M8 is to have a blue version right off the bat. Swanky, huh?

As far as specs and features go, the only certainty is there are no certainties. Some good guesses and predictions include a 5 to 5.2-inch screen with 2K resolution, Snapdragon 800 power, 3 GB RAM and Android 4.4 KitKat with Sense 6 UI on top. But you know the drill, salt in hand and caution advised.

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