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HTC addresses Nexus 9 flash sale fiasco, cranks up production to keep up with demand

HTC is taking every precautionary measure to avoid running out of Nexus 9 stock, while further 50 percent discounts seem unlikely.

Nexus 9-2

The phenomenal start to HTC’s weekly “Hot Deals” caught plenty of people off guard, as it included a sizzling hot, brand new Nexus 9 tablet offered at half its list price. We couldn’t help but wonder if that was a sign of underwhelming demand for the Google-powered 8.9-inch Android.

But nothing could be farther from the truth, according to the Taipei Times, which quoted HTC North Asia President Jack Tong as saying N9 production is in need of a boost. That’s how popular it is, and to confirm the recent “flash sale” was a limited, one-time thing, the American division’s head honcho, Jason Mackenzie, posted a short letter on the company’s official US website.

Apparently, only “several hundred units were allocated to the promotion”, which was one of the reasons why inventory disappeared so quickly, and the online store crashed so hard. Of course, Mackenzie isn’t trying to find any excuses for the collapse.

Nexus 9

Engineers and web programmers are hard at work on correcting any and all existing system issues, and these should not reappear in the coming weeks. Then again, since the N9 is unlikely to be the star of another “Hot Deal”, chances are the crowds of prospective buyers will thin out, and servers will hold up anyway.

Interested in the Nexus 9 at its full retail value? Google’s Play Store is your best bet, but if HTC doesn’t up the manufacturing ante soon enough, you’ll likely find yourselves in need of a backup. Best Buy is always at your disposal, with a price structure Xeroxed from Google Play and store pickup currently available.

Then there’s Amazon, but the N9 is “temporarily out of stock”, with no return date listed. Oh, well, at least the retailer pledges to “deliver when available”. Remember, when not slashed to $200, the cheapest config comes with Wi-Fi only in tow, 16 GB of internal storage and a $399.99 price tag. The 32 GB Wi-Fi variant is $479.99, and the LTE-enabled model is $599.99 on pre-orders.

Sources: HTC, Taipei Times

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