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HTC & Facebook to launch phone optimized specifically for social networking

Facebook won’t begin manufacturing its own smartphone anytime soon.  It will, however, dive even deeper into the world of mobility using already established systems.  Reports are suggesting that the social networking giant will launch an Android OS that is optimized specifically for Facebook usage.

The software end of things will be taken care of by the folks at Facebook, while the hardware is purportedly assigned to the specialists at HTC.  It remains to be seen what type of optimization Facebook has done to Android to make it surpass all other variants, but their goal is clear.  That is, Facebook wants to monetize on its popularity in social networking, and become a necessity rather than dying out like social networks of the past.

(He took over your desktop, now he wants to own your mobile gadgets, too.)

According an IDC report, 4 out of 5 people check their phone within 15 of minutes of waking up, and Facebook was among the top 3 apps accessed.

“Now, we are a mobile company,” said Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and co-founder of Facebook. “It is really clear from the stats and my own personal intuition that a lot of energy in the ecosystem is going to go mobile, not desktops.” 

Facebook sent out an April 4 press invite for an unveiling of what the company is referring to as its “new home on Android.”

"We want to build a system deeply integrated in every device people want to use,” claimed Zuckerberg.

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