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HP unveils TouchSmart 600, TouchSmart 300 and enhanced TouchSmart tx2 notebook PC

HP TouchSmart

Today, HP announced the availability of their new Touch products which consist of the TouchSmart 300 and TouchSmart 600 All-in-One Desktop PCs, and the enhanced TouchSmart tx2 Notebook PC. All three products come with intuitive multi-touch features and will be available from 22 October.

SINGAPORE, Asia Pacific, October 13, 2009 – Building upon its nearly 30-year history of touch innovation, HP today launched the next era of multi-touch computing for consumers with the introduction of HP TouchSmart300 All-in-One Desktop PC, HP TouchSmart600 All-in-One Desktop PC and an enhanced HP TouchSmart tx2 Notebook PC.

HP now offers a choice of 20 or 23-inch diagonal widescreen consumer TouchSmart Desktop PCs. Each features a sleek, award-winning all-in-one design that integrates a stunning high-definition widescreen display with a multi-touch enabled screen. The new range of touch PCs also amplifies the natural and comprehensive touch-optimized UI and experience for its consumers through the new HP TouchSmart 3.0 software suite. With this, HP adds a new chapter to its touch story.

With HP TouchSmart 3.0 software suite: Incredibly easy, intuitive, engaging

Touch means new ways for people to interact with a computer, so that a person can convey intent to the technology through human interaction methods, like physical gestures. The third generation HP TouchSmart3.0 software suite brings this to life for the user. The enhancements include:

New Visuals: The Wide Frames (16:9) supports the new hardware with new colors, transparency and a fresh visual appeal
• Personalization: The new software suite allows a high degree of personalization with customizable HP TouchSmart tile bar and HP TouchSmart home backgrounds.
• Interactive Tile Design: Helps to interact with applications directly and provides quick access.
• Enhanced built-in HP TouchSmart applications let you experience your music, photos, and video in a whole new way. Rich enhancements have been made in features associated with calendar, photo, music, notes, video, webcam, DVD, Blu-ray DVD, Browser, RSS and clock functionalities.

A touch of genius in All-in-One desktop category: HP TouchSmart600 PC and HP TouchSmart300 PC

The slim, power-saving design with a small footprint comes with everything you need built-in. With 16:9 displays, high definition screens and game console connectivity (only available on the HP TouchSmart600 PC) the new range of HP TouchSmart PC offers a truly rich entertainment experience.

The new swivel stand and tilt Web cam also increase the ability to share and collaborate around the TouchSmart and all models meet Energy Star 5.0 requirements.

HP TouchSmart600 PC—Benefits and features:
• Intel® Core™2 Duo processor delivers powerful, energy efficient performance.
• Natural, intuitive multi-touch movements make everything faster, easier, and way more fun.
• Amplified entertainment experience

––Integrated 23-inch Touch Panel with a 16:9 1080p Full High-Definition widescreen allows a rich entertainment experience.
––Full HD screen offers a true HD experience when watching high-definition content or playing high-definition games.
––Integrated premium stereo speakers produce clear, crisp sound.
––You can watch your favorite DVD movies, or edit home video and burn your own DVD.
––Video chat with friends and family using the built-in adjustable-tilt webcam and microphone becomes easier.
––Watch, pause, rewind, and records live TV.

• Simple set up: just plug in the power cord and get started.
• Low profile wireless keyboard conveniently stows away when not in use.
• Colored HP Ambient Light lets you see your keyboard in the dark.
• The built in wireless capabilities include a wireless keyboard and integrated
• Console connectivity.

HP TouchSmart300 PC—Benefits and features:
• Power packed with the capabilities of the next generation of HP TouchSmart
PC, this product is ideal for consumers who desire slightly smaller form factor
but the same multi-touch interactivity of HP TouchSmart600 PC.
• Some of the significant differences from HP TouchSmart600 PC include:
––Integrated 20-inch Touch Panel with a16:9 720p HD ready widescreen
allows a vibrant entertainment experience.
––Up to AMD Athlon™ II X4 Quad-Core Processor allows high speed
functionality in a smaller form factor.

Extending the rich HP TouchSmart PC experience to the notebook category: HP TouchSmart tx2 Notebook PC

• The HP TouchSmart tx2 Notebook PC was the industry’s first convertible notebook PC with multitouch technology designed specifically for consumers.
• Building upon the touch innovation HP developed for its HP TouchSmart desktop PCs, the HP TouchSmart tx2 Notebook PC was developed for people on the go who value having their digital content at their fingertips – literally.
• The enhanced version takes this experience to the next level with the HP TouchSmart 3.0 customized for the tablet.

A heritage of Touch spanning more Than 25 years

HP’s rich history in touch started with the HP 150 in 1983, one of the earliest commercialized touch computers. The first to offer multi-touch gestures on a PC (HP TouchSmart IQ500 series), HP enhanced its touch portfolio with the first multi-touch consumer notebook (HP TouchSmart tx2 Notebook PC) in 2008.

Today, HP uses touch technology in a variety of products, HP iPAQ Data Messenger, HP TouchSmart tx2 notebook PC and select HP business monitors (including point-of-sale monitors).

Pricing and availability in Asia Pacific
• HP TouchSmart600 PC starts at around US$1,199 from October 22, 2009.
• HP TouchSmart300 PC starts at around US$899 from October 22, 2009.
• HP TouchSmart tx2 Notebook PC starts at around US$1,299 from October
22, 2009.

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