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HP unveils beastly Envy Rove 20 Windows 8 tablet/all-in-one PC

The HP Envy Rove 20 is the latest attempt at creating a niche for ginormous 20-inch or above tablets. This particular device is marketed as a tablet/all-in-one PC hybrid, but sadly it's not competitive from any of the two standpoints.  

It shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore that traditional PCs are in a pretty nasty pickle, mostly due to the rise of the tablets and “phablets” and, let’s face it, the PC manufacturers’ inability to innovate and get with the times.

Sadly, it appears that the closest to innovation Sony, Lenovo or HP can get nowadays is by coming up with bizarre hybrids that try to unite the functionality of two (very) different types of gadgets, but end up as sub-par, experimental devices that confuse users.

Take HP’s Envy Rove 20. Unveiled just hours ago, this giant tries to be both a decent Windows 8 tablet and an all-in-one PC, but ultimately… it’s just weird. Not to mention it doesn’t look in any way special and packs run of the mill specs for an AiO.

But hey, Sony released a similar hybrid last year, called Vaio Tap 20, and Lenovo came up with an even flakier 27-inch (?!?) table PC (sic) a couple of months back, so I’m guessing HP didn’t want to take the risk of the competition creating a new niche and pocketing all the money from it. You know, the whole 10 thousand bucks people will invest in gigantic tablets between now and the end of time.

Okay, enough with the snarkiness and irony and let’s see exactly what Envy Rove 20’s deal is. First off, know that the thing is beefy and not in a good way. It weighs a whopping 11.86 pounds, so right off the bat any kind of real-life use this might have as a “tablet” is cancelled.

Beneath the hood, things are not so catastrophically bad, as Intel’s newest Haswell processors are running the show. You also get Windows 8, a 1 TB hard drive, plus 8 GB of solid-state storage, but unfortunately mum’s the word on things like graphics or RAM. Instead, we know the Rove 20 will come with Beats Audio sound enhancements (like we care…).

As for the ginormous 20-inch display, different sources tell us different things. The Verge claims it boasts a 1,600 x 900 pixels resolution, while Engadget seems to have it on good authority it’s 1,080p. Obviously, if the former turns out to be true, the Envy Rove 20 becomes a fiasco of great proportions for HP, but frankly a Full HD screen can’t make this a smart buy either.

Especially when taking into consideration the battery, apparently rated at a measly four hours of autonomy between charges. On the flipside, the folding kickstand that “transforms” the tablet into a desktop PC is quite neat, albeit a little rudimentary.

Still, the bottom line is the HP Envy Rove 20, reportedly making its way to the market sometime in July for an unknown price, is a flop. It's esentially unusable as a tablet, thick and heavy and packs mediocre specs. Enough said.

Source: The Verge

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