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HP pulls Chromebook 11 from retail due to faulty charger

HP and several of its partners have pulled the HP Chomebook 11 from their shelves due to complaints from users about the charger overheating.


The maker of the Google-powered notebook says that they’re still investigating the cause of the overheating issue.  Current owners of the Chromebook 11 are advised to use an alternative brick, an Underwriters Laboratories-listed micro-USB charger, for the time being.

Best Buy, Google, as well as Amazon have all removed or unlisted the product from their shelves and websites.

In an internal memo, HP advised its partner to pull all Chromebook 11 from their shelves and isolate the possibly defective products in a secure location.

The urgency of this message to HP’s partners indicates that the overheating issue of the Chromebook 11 is possibly widespread.

HP, one of the world’s top PC brand, only recently began its adventure with Chromebook, but it appears that this trek into unknown territory is off to a rough start.

Source: The Verge

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