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HP Pavilion p7 desktop PC review: long live the tower PC

As is always the case with our reviews, here are some screenshots of CPU-Z and GPU-Z to give you a clearer idea of the hardware that was used in the assembly of the HP Pavilion p7 desktop PC, as well as their detailed specifications:




And finally, the benchmark results you have been waiting for:

Futuremark 3DMark 2011

We will be honest; the bundled AMD Radeon HD 6570 graphics card is not exactly the best card to rely on for any task that involves much more than the occasional photo and video editing, and it shows. On 3DMark 2011, our review unit was able to return no more than 1300 points on the  'Performance' presets., and attempting to run the test under 'Extreme' effectively sealed the HP Pavilion p7's fate as one that is not destined for any serious graphics crunching task, if the scores shown below are of any indication. This makes sense, considering how HP's marketing and advertising materials tout the Pavilion p7 as a desktop which is designed to deliver "everyday computing at a great value".


Futuremark PCMark 7

As far as versatility is concerned, we really do not foresee a strong likelihood of the average user having to deal with performance issues on the HP Pavilion p7 desktop PC. Indeed, running PCMark 7 on the desktop caused it to return a score of 2302 points for our benchmark tests. While it is by no means impressive in any way, it still serves as an indicator that the HP Pavilion p7 is fully capable of meeting the typical general computing needs of your average PC users. 

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