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HP Global Influencer Summit in Shanghai


VR-Zone is one of the media to attend the HP Global Influencer Summit in Shanghai, China this week whereby the company unveiled more than 80 products for both business and mainstream consumers. President and CEO Meg Whitman, and executive vice president, Printing and Personal Systems Group were also present at the event,

"It has only been about a month and a half that we announced our PC and Printing businesses are going to be joining forces to forge the Printing and Personal System Group. And I would say we have made great products in the process. We are going to simplify our business; we are going to remove complexities from HP by putting the two businesses together. Importantly, we are going to make it easier for customers and partners to do business with HP. So increasingly, you will see a unified brand, a unified design language, which would make our PC and printing business much stronger. And you would also see the interoperability between devices as well" said Whitman.

Dion Weisler, senior vice president, Printing and Personal Systems Group for HP said that from APJ (Asia Pacific and Japan) perspective, the company's strategy has been very clear. "We are operating in a tremendous growth market which made the composition of Asia Pacific and Japan, with two of the largest markets in the world – China being the largest PC market in the world and Japan being third largest in the world. There are 1.3 billion people in China (officially) and over a billion people in India, 230 million in Indonesia, 80 million in Vietnam etc. We have got very diverse markets when we think about Australia, Japan and Singapore. They are very matured markets as compared to emerging markets in China and India. The depth of 80 products that we have launched the last few days means that our strategy is that "One size does not fit all". We need to have different products for different customers with different services and after sales," said Weisler.

One of the highlights at the summit is the HP ENVY SpectreXT (whereby XT denotes extremely thin). It is positioned as a premium Ultrabook, but will be priced slightly more affordable than its ENVY 14 Spectre sibling that was launched in February. For Singapore, the SpectreXT will also come with the concierge service that was offered on the ENVY 14 Spectre. It will only be available on SSDs and have a starting retail price of US$999. The SpectreXT is scheduled to be available in Asia Pacific starting from end May.

According to a HP executive, laptops that do not conform to the Ultrabook specifications is called "Sleekbooks", though the term seems to be coined and used only by HP. The AMD version of the Sleekbooks, in A6 and A10 processor variants, will have a starting price of US$699, though it will not be made available for countries in the Asia Pacific.

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