I bet you never imagined you’d go “finally” when checking out HP’s rookie smartwatch effort, but the result of the hardware maker’s unlikely partnership with online retailer Gilt and fashion designer Michael Bastian is quite the head turner.


They say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and when you combine simplicity with, you know, actual sophistication, the outcome can only be described as spectacular. A sure-fire hit. Unless you make the sophisticated yet simple product too restrictive for the masses.

That seems to be the case with the just-announced Michael Bastian smartwatch, engineered by Hewlett-Packard, but slated for an exclusive commercial run on Gilt.com starting sometime in the fall.

Besides, Bastian’s name is widely associated with luxury fashion items, so if you thought Motorola’s Moto 360 would be expensive, wait until HP and Gilt price this baby. Oh, well, let’s take things one at a time and, while we can still compare it to so far released mundane wearable pieces, come right out and say it: this is how a smartwatch should look.


Circular, with a stainless steel case, flamboyant yet elegant, stylish yet classic. What we like most of all is you can’t tell it’s a geeky gizmo underneath it all, resembling an actual non-intelligent timepiece. Hear that, Samsung, LG, Sony?

Oh, oh, oh, and it’s got leather, rubber and nylon swappable straps, plus it’s compatible with both Android and iOS, thanks to pre-loaded software presumably custom-made by HP. Of course, that means it supports way less apps than Android Wear-powered gadgets, and odds are the selection of sensors and connectivity options isn’t as rich as, say, on Samsung’s Gear Live.

But it’s sure pretty, and these kind of good looks can make up for many inconveniences. Not a $1,000 price tag, though. Please, please, please, don’t charge $1,000, Gilt.

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