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HP Enterprise heads to Mars?

HP Enterprise is teasing that an upcoming announcement by the tech giant will have astronomic implications – the creation of a ‘new computer upgrade’ so powerful that it will aid human space travel and enable us to land on Mars.

For a number of years HPE has been developing The Machine, a revolutionary new server architecture based on ‘memory driven computing’ that promises to be far faster and more powerful then conventional computers. In memory-driven computing RAM nodules are located in clusters around processors, so that there is less need for hard drive storage.

“We want all the warm and hot data to reside in a very large in-memory domain,” Andrew Wheeler, Vice-President and Deputy Labs Director at Hewlett Packard Enterprise recently explained to PCWorld “At the software level, we are trying to eliminate a lot of the shuffling of data in and out of storage.”

To find out exactly what HPE is announcing, tune in on Tuesday, May 16, 2017, at 11:20 AM PT / 2:20 PM ET to watch Hewlett Packard Labs chief architect and lead for The Machine research project, Kirk Bresniker, deliver a Facebook Live presentation from Washington D.C. on Memory-Driven Computing and its potential to support the mission to Mars.

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