After encountering a few unexpected charging hiccups and being temporarily pulled from retail, the HP Chromebook 11 has returned stronger than ever, both in a Wi-Fi only version and with added 4G LTE support.

HP Chromebook 11

To avoid overheating going forward, HP reportedly redesigned the 11-incher’s power adapter, shipping the new Chromebook through Google’s Play Store and Amazon. Pricing has been kept in check, so the little thing is still fairly affordable, at $279.99.

Meanwhile, to throw in some extra functionality and productivity, HP and Big G have decided to roll out a variant capable of on-the-go browsing, though for now you can’t exactly pick any US network that offers high-speed connectivity.

Just Verizon, plus you’ll need to swing by a Best Buy brick and mortar store to grab the LTE HP Chromebook 11. Also, this particular configuration of the mini-laptop is not quite dirt-cheap, going for $379.

HP Chromebook 11-2

On the bright side, you may be eligible for a rebate once signing up for a Big Red $10 monthly data plan, so ultimately the LTE Chromebook will be yours for $329. Not too shabby since it packs 1.7 GHz Samsung Exynos 5 Dual oomph, 2 GB RAM, a 16 GB SSD and 6-hour or so battery.

Besides, the built-in Altair 4G chip basically cancels the argument this Chrome OS-powered machine is useless when lacking Internet access, as it can technically keep you connected whenever, wherever, however. Be afraid, Windows ultrabooks and Apple Macbooks, be very, very afraid.

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