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HP announces ‘limited edition’ ultra-thin LED-backlit monitor

Looks like it is not just our television sets that are getting thinner today; apparently, consumerism has dictated that OEMs start shifting their efforts from producing the typical robust monitors for PCs into stylish devices with dimensions and looks which will make any non-tech savvy consumer swoon over. And the latest entry to this is of premium monitors is HP's new x2301 monitor, which is reportedly a mere centimeter thick.

For most enthusiasts, the desktop PC and its accompanying peripherals that make up a complete computing system is almost always required to be as large and clunky as possible, if only for the sake of amassing some 'geek cred' from the likes of one's non tech-savvy friends. After all, nothing can be more impressive than showing off a huge, full-tower self-built PC complete with matching hardware such as a huge monitor that occupies nearly half of one's existing desk space.

However, there will always be people who prefer to have hardware that appears a little more elegant and sophisticated as opposed to their their enthusiast-grade counterparts that are currently being sold on the market. And if you happen to belong to that group, HP's new ultra-thin LED-backlit monitor might just catch your fancy.

According to a report published by ZDNet, the HP x2301 is a limited edition monitor which sports an unbelievably thin frame that is only a mere 9.8mm thick. However, HP clearly did not want to make any compromises with the x2301, and it shows in its specifications. Apparently, the LED-backlit 23-inch monitor is capable of a native full HD resolution (1920 x 1080), offers up to 72% of the color gamut and a dynamic contrast ratio of 8000,000 : 1 (no mention of its static contrast ratio). In addition, the x2301 is also reportedly capable of a low response time of 3ms and is furnished with HP's own BrightView technology, which is simply a marketing term used to describe high-gloss, anti-reflective LCD panels which allow for greater and more punchy colour saturation.

Of course, to make the display this thin, it should be no surprise that HP had little choice but to move all x2301's ports down to the monitor's base, which contains options for video input via DVI or VGA. 

ZDNet clams that the x2301 will be available for sale on June 10 onwards, although it did not make any mention as to whether the sale of this monitor will be restricted to the US market or not. However, in the event that HP decides to release the x2301 for global purchase, the ultra-thin monitor can be had for the not-so-thin price tag of US$279.99.

Source: ZDNet

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