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Horrific new urinal design includes built-in sink

A designer’s attempt to make men wash their hands after visiting the urinal, ends with a gross new design you might not want to use.


A lot of guys don’t wash their hands after visiting the urinal; it’s true. While you could try to defend it by arguing that hand-washing is less critical when it comes to the urinal (because, let’s face it, urine is sterile and guys are gonna scratch down there at some point no matter what), it’s the still hygienic, civilized thing to do.

So how do you help make guys more prone to using the sink? Kaspars Jursons thinks convenience is the solution, and convenience comes in the form of a urinal that has a built in sink. Kaspars Jursons has obviously never been in a dirty restroom. The truth is that guys, especially drunk guys, tend to have poor aim. sooner or later, there’s going to be pee in that sink. Hell, I know some guys who might aim specifically for the sink just cause it would be a gross thing to do.

Despite the previous paragraph, guys really aren’t that bad; we’ve come a far way from cavemen. That being said, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a design like this is begging to be misused.

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