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Honda pays tribute to Ayrton Senna with lights and sound

Honda has paid tribute to Ayrton Senna by recreating his record-breaking F1 lap around the Suzuka Circuit in 1989.


Senna, a legend on and off the race track, is perhaps one of the most iconic figures in competitive auto sports.  Instead of repainting Senna’s feat in 89’ with CG, actors and replicas, Honda decided that it was fit to use just lights and sound to resurrect the Brazilian’s aura.

Using telemetry data gathered on Senna’s car, Honda was able to accurately recreate meters by meters, and turn by turn the amazing feeling of hearing an F1 car scream down a straightaway, brake and accelerate out of a corner.

Sound and light engineers placed, what seems like hundreds, speakers and lights throughout the famous circuit and synced them with the sound of a McLaren Honda MP4/5.  In addition to the fact that it was a tribute to Senna, the atmosphere—especially the sound—proved to be a moving but also exciting recreation.

Here’s the dramatic recreation of Senna’s lap:

If you have a fetish for staring at onboard data and link them to the sound of an F1 car, click here and scroll down to “Sound & Data” and hit the ignition.

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