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Honda makes app to allow smartphone to communicate with cars for safety

On Thursday, Honda released a demonstration of V2V technology coupled with smartphones. This concept could help increase pedestrian safety and avoid collisions, by enabling cars to communicate with the phones in pedestrians’ pockets.


The vehicle-to-vehicle – “V2V” – technology is already being used by car manufacturers to make cars “talk” to each other. By broadcasting their speed, location, and other factors such as when and how hard car brakes are being applied, cars using this technology can alert their drivers to dangerous situations, and decrease collision frequency.

The technology can even be used to automatically stop a car on a collision course.

But in a concept video that Honda released Wednesday, the Japanese car company has shown how the technology may be used by those on the sidewalks as well as the roads.

By using a Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) protocol, communication can be established between vehicles and smartphones in pedestrian’s pockets.

Just like the technology used on board vehicles, such phones will broadcast information like direction and speed, so that the same benefits enjoyed by vehicles may be enjoyed by people walking across the street.

It is even possible to use this technology in such a way that drivers can be alerted to the present condition of pedestrians – whether they are making calls, texting, or otherwise engaging in activities which may limit their attention.

While this technology is still in the evaluation stage, it is one more indicator of a much safer and smarter method of transportation – cars that can think, or even drive by themselves.

Source: CNET

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