Over at HKEPC booth, we saw some very interesting demos.

. First we have the Gigabyte BTX barebone based on Pico BTX


Next we have a Pentium M T2600 dual core Yonah CPU with a 945GT
motherboard on demo. It is certainly a pretty fast gaming machine with a 7800GTX
card running inside and the 3DMark05 score is around 7.8K which is comparable to
a AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 setup.


Next we have the Gigabyte Silent Pipe II demo with a pair of
GeForce 6600GT running. With 3DMark03 constant looping, the temperature never
went pass 40C as shown on the thermal probe attached to the heatsink. Pretty
interesting technology working on the natural air convection method. The card
take up two slots with a air vent where the cool air is drawn from outside into
the case thereby cooling the card down.


Another Presler 955XE demo