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Hitachi launches Travelstar 7K750 and 5K750 750GB mobile HDDs, goes Advanced Format

Hitachi has announced the 375GB per platter Travelstar 7K750 (7200rpm) and Travelstar 5K750 (5400rpm) 750GB 2.5-inch mobile hard disk drives for notebook PCs, external storage and other mobile applications. These new drives are also the first in Hitachi’s line-up to feature the 4k Advanced Format.

Sporting 375GB platters, the Hitachi Travelstar 7K750 and Travelstar 5K750 2.5-inch mobile hard disk drives feature the industry’s highest capacity of 750GB in a standard 9.5mm two-platter design. The Travelstar 7K750 rotates at 7200rpm and has a 16MB buffer. The Travelstar 5K750 rotates at 5400rpm and has a 8MB buffer. Both drives are only available in 500GB, 640GB and 750GB capacities; the 7K500 and 5K500.B will continue to cater to end-users who require less storage.


Advanced Format

(4k) Advanced Format, first seen on Western Digital’s Caviar Green low-power desktop hard disk drives, has been implemented in Hitachi’s new Travelstar drives. Advanced Format increases physical sector size from 512 bytes to 4KB. In doing so, not only is storage space utilized more efficiently, data integrity is also improved at higher storage densities. Less overhead also translates to slightly improved performance over conventional drives.



Sharing the same features as their predecessors, the Travelstar 7K750 and Travelstar 5K750 are able to withstand operating and non-operating shocks of up to 400G and 1000G respectively. Thermal Fly-height Control improves reliability by controlling the spacing between the drive head(s) and recording media as operating temperature varies. True Track Technology maintains tracking accuracy in high shock or vibration environments.


Security and 24×7 options

Hitachi’s Bulk Data Encryption conforms to the industry-standard Trusted Computing Group Opal Storage Security specifications. Self-encrypting Travelstar 7K750 and 5K750 drives are offered as an option.

The Travelstar 7K750 and 5K750 Enhanced Availability models are designed for use in blade servers, network routers and video surveillance systems, delivering 24×7 access.



The Travelstar 7K750 is rated at 1.8W read/write power and 0.69W low power idle, while the Travelstar 5K750 is rated at 1.4W read/write power and 0.5W low power idle. These figures are similar to those of the 7K500 and 5K500.B.



The Travelstar 5K750 family is currently shipping in volume, while retail hard drive kits will be available from November, starting at US$129.99. The 5K750 EA version will be shipping to OEMs for qualification by the end of the year.

Products from the Travelstar 7K750 family, will only be available in Q1 2011.


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