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HIS X800GT IceQ II Turbo

A quick glance at the PCB of this HIS X800GT revealed that it shares more or
less the same design as the Powercolor X800GT we reviewed earlier on. This also
means that this HIS X800GT has a similar design as higher end X850XT / X800XT PCB
design. But like the Powercolor X800GT, this HIS card does not come with a 6 pin
PCIe power connector.

Here’s a closer look at the details of the HIS X800GT:

A view of the HIS X800GT from the top. With the fan fitted on,
this card can easily be mistaken for higher end HIS products.

This is how the back of the card looks like. RAM modules at
the back of the card is cooled by a heatspreader that comes with the Arctic
Cooling’s ATi Silencer package. The large fan is secured tightly via 4 screws as
seen here.

The card length and design is pretty similar to the Powercolor
X800GT we reviewed a while ago. The design seems to be only slightly different
at the right end of the card.

This is how both cards compare on the back. PCB design over
here is exactly the same.

This is the HIS X800GT stripped bare of it’s cooling

*Click for a complete picture of the core.

The HIS X800GT, unlike the Powercolor X800GT, comes with a
X800SE core. This R423 core has similar specifications of 8 pipelines, 6 vertex
shaders. However, X800SEs are known to run at lower operating clock speeds of
425MHz but this HIS X800GT runs at 500MHz. Also, it appears that this core has
a laser cut on the top right hand corner. Such cuts are known to disable
defective pipelines.

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