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HIS Radeon X1800XT OC Edition

The HIS Radeon X1800XT OC Edition is another card that comes overclocked straight out of the box. Featuring 700MHz core and 1600MHz memory straight out of the box, look into this review and see how this card stacks up against the top end NVIDIA 7800 GTX 512, and other X1800XTs!

Just a while ago, we took a look at the ASUS EAX1800XT TOP which
features out of the box clock speeds of 700MHz Core and 1.6GHz Memory – far
higher then the 625MHz / 1.5Ghz on the reference card. We have heard faintly
from various sources that ATi is advising various top tier AIB partners to
release a higher clocked version of the Radeon X1800XT and thus we see cards
from not only ASUS, but HIS and Sapphire releasing their overclocked versions.
The purpose of releasing the higher clocked Radeon X1800XT card is to be better
matched against the top end but rare NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX 512MB cards.

Hightech Information Systems (HIS) is one of ATi’s top tier makers that produces only ATi graphics
cards. Known for their ICEQ line of cards that are pre-fitted with Arctic
Cooling VGA Silencer cooling solutions, HIS has built a strong name when it
comes to high end ATi graphics accelerators. Without surprise, the HIS Radeon
X1800XT OC Edition we are looking at today is yet another potential product that
can capture the hearts of the enthusiasts.

The HIS Radeon X1800XT OC Edition arrived in our labs in a rather small but
heavy package. Although the packaging does not have any fanciful designs, it has
a large sticker which indicates the extra clock speed this card can offer
straight out of the box – unlike the older HIS X800/X850 family of cards that
offered iTurbo modes which requires HIS proprietary software in order to harness
those extra clock speeds.

This is how the packaging of the HIS Radeon X1800XT OC Edition
looks like. While most other manufacturers would certainly use large and
fanciful designs for the packaging of such top end cards, HIS prefers to keep it
subtle with this X1800XT OC Edition.

Right on the box, there is a sticker indicating the core and
memory clock speeds. Unlike the usual 625MHz/1.5GHz on the standard X1800XT, this
card runs at 700MHz / 1.6GHz straight out of the box.

Here are some quick specifications on the HIS Radeon X1800XT OC

Processing Unit

ATi Radeon
X1800XT (R520)


PCI Express


GDDR3 1.25ns, Samsung K4J52324QC-BJ12


16 Pixel


8 Vertex


(Token Ring Memory Bus)

Core Clock

700 MHz

Memory Clock

1600 MHz



Max Resolution

2048 x 1536
@ 85Hz

Rear I/O Ports

2x DVI, 1x
S-Video / TV-Out


1X 6pin
PCIe Power Connector Required

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