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High tech moustache lets you sip coffee and make phone calls like a boss

Could this ‘gentlemanly’ high tech moustache be the most suave wearable tech on the planet?

higerable 02

Wearable tech can take many forms and shapes, like a watch, a pair of glasses, or even a normal wristband. Japan’s Ajinomoto General Foods however twists the definition of “wearable” a little bit, with a fancy wearable tech concept that affectionately takes the shape of an overgrown moustache.

The Higerable Device, as jokingly named, subtly hides itself as part of the wearer’s face. In truth however, it is a multi-functional wearable tech that instantly transforms the wearer into a refined, coffee-loving gentleman. Need to sip that espresso like a sir? Its speed sensors will notify you in case you are holding or sipping your coffee the wrong way. How about making phone calls? Don’t worry, it is also connected to your phone, allowing you to make that call without interrupting your precious coffee time. The Higerable Device promises to make you enjoy your coffee three times better just by wearing it.

But as much we’d like to sip coffee like a sir with a suave high tech moustache though, this unfortunately was just an elaborate advertisement by the food company to promote their Maxim Triplesso coffee beverage. The concept was a nice thought however, and should they decide to make it real, we’d certainly welcome the idea like a sir.

Source: IT Media (JP)

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