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High-Quality Sony VAIO P Notebook Clone Spotted In China

Seems like it is not only Apple products which Chinese OEMs like to clone these days. Apparently, any device that looks good and fetches a nice sum of money on the market is a prime candidate to undergo a cloning process. And next up in the list of high-quality clones is a notebook that bears more than just a passing resemblance to the Sony VAIO P ultraportable notebook PC.

Want to own a VAIO P but not too keen about coughing out the banknotes needed to own one of Sony’s sleek and stylish ultraportable PCs? Well, China may be your best bet to find something that might just be able to satisfy that need somewhat. Not because the VAIO P is any cheaper there though: rather, a Chinese OEM has seemingly launched a line of ultraportable PCs which are almost identical to the actual VAIO P notebooks sold by Sony themselves.

According to Chinese website Shanzhaiben, the Aoson R169 is a high-quality imitation of the VAIO P and is designed to deliver the same kind of aesthetics and visual appeal found in the original notebook. Apparently, this includes the VAIO P’s tendency to attract fingerprints to it like how bees to honey.

That being said, the Aoson R169 is not a perfect copy of the VAIO P. Shanzhaiben claims that the R169 sports a slightly bigger footprint that the original VAIO P and measures 264 x 137 x24mm. This is indeed a little bigger than the VAIO, which measures 9.6″(W) x 4.72″ x 0.78″ (243 x 120 x 19mm). 

In addition, the hardware used to power the R169 differs markedly from the VAIO P. While the VAIO P has an Intel Atom Z540 processor clocked at 1.86GHz, uses a 64GB SSD for its storage device, has 2GB of built-in DDR2 ram and boasts an 8″ wide (1600 x 768) UWXGA high-resolution screen, the Aoson R169’s hardware is a lot more modest. It sports an Intel Atom Z530 processor clocked at 1.6GHz which is somewhat comparable to the Z540, the expensive hard disk has been replaced by a standard 80GB SATA hard disk and the 8.9-inch screen used in the R169 is only capable of resolutions of up to 1024 x 600.

Last but not least, users get the decade-old Windows XP operating system preloaded in the R169 as opposed to the spanking-new Windows 7 found in the real deal.

Needless to say, more modest hardware means that the selling price for the R169 is expected to be significantly lower than the actual Sony VAIO P ultraportable notebook PC. Shanzhaiben claims that the R169 will have a market price of approximately 2000 yuan or S$395, or almost half the price of the actual VAIO P in China. That is quite a sweet deal, considering just how similar it looks to the real McCoy itself.

Source: Shanzhaiben.com

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