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High Power Direct12 BR 1000W PSU review

High Power is using a very popular 140mm fan from Globe, the B1352512HH, which they enhanced by installing “Golf ball surface” fan blades to improve airflow and reduce drag noise. The B1352512HH is a rather powerful 140mm fan with a maximum speed of 1800RPM.

Sirfa obviously is the OEM of the Direct12 BR power supply. This power supply is based on a fairly popular layout, a design on which several other power supplies sharing a similar power output are based on.

The filtering stage of the High Power Direct12 BR 1000W unit adequate and consists of four Y-type capacitors, two X-type capacitors, two ferrite coils and a surge suppressing MOV.

The single 400V/470μF primary capacitor is made by Rubicon, one of the most reputable Japanese manufacturers. Nippon Chemi-Con supplied all of the secondary capacitors, making this PSU an all-Japanese affair.

High Power installed sizable heatsinks with copper fins which should provide ample heat dissipation surface, enhancing the acoustics and thermal performance of the power supply.

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