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High Power Astro PT 700W PSU Review

Globe supplies the 135mm cooling fan of this power supply, the B1352512H, which fan also has enhanced “Golf ball surface” fan blades to improve airflow and reduce drag noise. The B1352512H is a standard 135mm fan with a maximum speed of 1500RPM.

As High Power is Sirfa's subsidiary, it is obvious that the Astro PT is being designed and built entirely by them alone. The layout resembles that of the Performance Pro 750W power supply, although the improvements are many and obvious. We should note that the heatsinks are oversized for a 700W 80Plus Platinum certified power supply, which is most likely the reason why this unit can also operate at a fanless mode when the load is very light.

The filtering stage begins on the back of the A/C receptacle, with two Y-type capacitors and one X-type capacitors. Two more Y-type capacitors, one X-type capacitor, two filtering coils and a surge arresting MOV can be found on the main PCB, summing up to a complete filtering circuit.

A single large heatsink at the primary side of the power supply houses both the APFC and the primary side inversion transistors. We can also clearly discern the large 680μF/400V primary side capacitor, which is supplied by Panasonic, sitting next to an equally large APFC filter coil.

The secondary side converter transistors are attached to a second high quality heatsink, forming a resonant converter topology. A vertical PCB holds the DC to DC conversion circuits from which the 3.3V and 5V voltage lines derive. The hardwired cables, in conjunction with the cables necessary for the power meter to function, do create a little mess here but nothing which could potentially cause problems. All of the secondary side capacitors, electrolytic and solid state alike, are supplied by Japanese manufacturers, Enesol and Nippon Chemi-Con.

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