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High Power Astro PT 700W PSU Review

The design of the Astro PT 700W unit definitely stands out, mainly because of the fan's grill which forms a geometric pattern based on repeating "H's". Most of the unit is black, with silvery parts, as the company is obviously trying to apply a "platinum" theme. The body of the unit adheres to the ATX design guide standards, being no longer than a typical ATX power supply, which means that the Astro PT will fit inside any ATX-compliant case.

Unlike with the majority of power supplies which are using stickers, High Power painted the series logo on the right side of the power supply. The logo will only be visible if the power supply can be installed at the bottom of a system and with its fan facing upwards.

A blue sticker with the unit's electrical specifications and quality control checks can be found at the left side of the power supply. This sticker will be visible if the power supply compartment is at the top of the system, or even if it is at the bottom of a system but the PSU fan is still facing downwards.

As the sticker with the unit's electrical specifications has been moved to the side, that left the top of the Astro PT almost entirely blank, allowing High Power to engrave their company logo all the way across it.

This is a semi-modular power supply, meaning that the connectors for the modular cables can be found at the front side of the unit, alongside the hardwired cables. The legend is painted directly onto the chassis. The 24-pin ATX connector, an 8-pin CPU 12V connector, a 4+4 pin CPU 12V connector and one 6+2-pin PCIe connector are hardwired to the unit, while three more 6+2-pin PCIe connectors, ten SATA and four Molex connectors are available through the modular cables. We found it strange that two CPU cables were hardwired but only one PCIe cable, as the vast majority will be using a high level GFX card rather than a dual CPU system.

The rear side of this power supply is also home to its most interesting feature. Besides the typical A/C power cable receptacle and on/off switch, there is also a simple power meter formed by 10 LED lights, which High Power dubbed the "Eagle Eye". Each LED light corresponds to 10% load, with the three first being blue, the following four yellow and the last three red. There is only one problem with this approach; the LEDs will be at the rear of the case, therefore continuously monitoring them is not really an option.

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