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Hideo Kojima wants to broaden his horizons and work outside of the ‘Metal Gear Solid’ franchise

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Metal Gear Solid creator and producer Hideo Kojima does some soul searching and reveals that he wants to try his hand at other games outside of the tactical espionage genre.


Hideo Kojima is a legendary figure within the annals of gaming history; he’s given rise to one of the most popular and innovative franchises in the industry. The Metal Gear Solid series has its own distinct mythos and stylish flair that’s taken on a life of its own, and it has kept a vitalized pulse on the gaming community for decades.

With the newest entrants in the series coming to fruition–Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain–Kojima does some soul searching and finds that he has the desire to do more ambitious things than carry on Snake’s legacy.

It’s hard to think of Kojima and not instantly drum up a mental picture of the indomitable hero with his signature eye-patch, but the Japanese gaming icon has expressed interest in wanting to “step outside of Metal Gear Solid” in favor of other games–and other creative works altogether.

“Ideally I would like to step out from the Metal Gear franchise as a producer and dedicate myself to other games,” Kojima told Game Informer. “So far that has proven to be a bit difficult.” 

“I would like to make more games that have that indie game taste or some completely different type of game with a big budget,” Kojima continued, then briefly touching upon his interest in tapping his creative spark via a feature length film or perhaps even a written novel.

“I’m almost 50-years-old so I don’t have that much time left. If I were to write a list of things that I want to do before I die, it would be a very stuffed list. Because of my age I’m starting to think of the other things I have to do before I die.”


Kojima, like everyone in their middle years, is considering his mortality with a desire to do more. Some would argue that he has already done so much, but he continues by saying that he’s dedicated over 25 years of his life to the series and feels that he’s used the franchise as a means to establish his personal message.

“I’ve been working in the Metal Gear franchise for over 25 years. This world has allowed me to tell a lot of the things that I wanted to say. That said, it has a very specific worldview and a very specific set of game elements.

“I’ll probably be saying this until I die, but there are still more things I want to tell, more things I want to communicate, and more things I want to experiment with.”

Kojima’s words are inspirational and show a side to the developer that is usually overlapped by the stark devotion of Snake aficionados across the globe. To see him in this light is quite interesting, and one can only guess where he will choose to spread his talent–will we see an indie game, a screenplay or even a novel that’s completely unrelated to the MGS series sometime soon?

Maybe once both new chapters of Metal Gear Solid V are released we’ll see Kojima move on and tell a different kind of story with a different kind of medium–be it written, virtual or just actualized–and it’s great to see him dreaming onward. Perhaps he’ll tap upon some inspiration for the next big franchise with this path, or maybe he’ll just be one step closer to happiness–either way, we tip our hat in salute and wish him luck on his journey.

Via Game Informer

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