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Hideo Kojima teases ‘shocking announcement that will blow your mind’ during PS4 launch stream

Hideo Kojima, the creator of the celebrated Metal Gear Solid franchise, claims that Sony has something quite interesting in store during the PS4 launch stream.

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Sony apparently has a few aces up their sleeve to round off the PlayStation 4’s official launch and throw another punch at their console rival.

The Japanese console-maker has teased that gamers can expect multiple announcements during Spike TV’s live coverage of the New York launch event. This means world premieres and a sure fire bet of something big being unveiled, and our heads are whirling with the possibilities.

New PS4 exclusives? Yes, please. Maybe a confirmation on a PS4-ready virtual reality headset or some additional console features–with perhaps some Gaikai news sprinkled on? Count me in.

Whatever the revelations hold, Hideo Kojima has assured gamers that Sony has a “shocking announcement” in the works that will “blow our minds”, pretty much kicking up the hype level to new heights.

While a few publications have criticized the PS4’s launch day lineup as being too “shooter-centric”, some news on an incoming title would definitely be welcome. But with such a tantalizing claim from the father of Metal Gear Solid, we should be able to expect something more substantial than a few exclusives.

Catch the live feed coverage starting at 11pm ET/8pm PT on Spike TV or via GameTrailers and Ustream.

Via Twitter, Spike.com

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