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Here One Wireless Earbuds – Do You Want Super-Hearing?

2 June 2017 – Launched by retail outlet ‘We The People’ and Leader Radio Technologies at Millenia Walk, the Here One Wireless Smart Earbuds is touted as a 3-in-1 affair, delivering premium audio, smart noise cancellation and speech enhancement. Aside from using it for your music, these earbuds are designed from the ground up to do more – including giving you super-hearing by augmenting your ears with high-tech!

The Here One Earbuds are the brainchild of Doppler Labs, who first launched the product on Kickstarter. According Co-Founder and CEO Noah Kraft, the Here One “opens the door to a post-mobile future where computing happens more on the body and less on the phone. We’re excited to bring this incredible technology and product to Singapore … and to continue to introduce new features to build on the Here One platform.”

Small and lightweight (and available in two different shades), each Bluetooth earbud has a its own microphone and smart processor allowing you unprecedented control over the environment you’re hearing. You do this using a dedicated app that operates the Here One’s Real-World Sound Control feature.

Probably the most useful part of this feature (for me) is that you can amplify what you want to hear. If you’re sitting at the back of a noisy class and you can’t hear your lecturer over the din, the Here One is able to lower the noise of the class for you, and amplify what your teacher is saying in front! I wish this was invented in the 90s, I’m sure my grades would have been better.

Different places may be noisy in different sort of ways, but after a future software update the Here One can eventually recommend the best sound profiles for you, depending on where you are. (Using machine-learning and GPS) The Earbuds can also be calibrated to function as hearing aids, for people with hearing disabilities in one ear or both.

It’s hard to arrive at a more educated conclusion in the five minutes I spent with it, but its sound quality wasn’t bad at all! It sounded pretty rich and detailed – with good EQ balance. I would love to review them and come to a more solid conclusion about its audio performance.

The Here One Wireless Earbuds retails for S$459 and are available for order at ‘We The People’ and leading retailers.

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