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Havok weighs in on Xbox One and PS4 RAM, claims artists will use up memory in ‘no time’

Havok’s own Andrew Bowell weighs in on the 8GB of RAM memory that accompanies each next-gen console, making a point that it won’t take any time at all for developers and artists to use up all of the allocated memory.


Havok is one of the most oft-used middleware suites that powers video games as a whole; from consoles to mobile phones and PC’s, Havok has been a mainstay of the industry with its flexible array of software.

Now a Havok employee shares his expertise by weighing in on the 8GB of RAM that both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 possess, putting the seemingly high value (at least for consoles) into perspective. Before now, developers have had to cut corners and find inventive new ways to best make use of the limited pool of console memory.

Now that need has been met with the next-gen consoles, both of which increase the pool of RAM up to 8GB’s–a hefty number compared to the previous limitations, but according to the Havok employee, artists may in fact use up that pool quite fast.

In a recent interview with Gaming Bolt, Havok’s Head of Product Management Andrew Bowell discusses the plight that many devs faced over the years, and how they will take advantage of the new memory assets:

“Developers have long dreamt about more RAM. RAM has been so scarce over the last 20 years in console hardware that I feel many prayers have been answered this time around However it will take absolutely no time for artists to use all available RAM, even 8 GB, you can be sure of that.”


PS4 vs XboxOne

This is an interesting perspective in that developers will be able to put the RAM to good use, essentially taking full advantage of the resources made available.

The other side of that coin pertains to the possible limitations they may face when all memory is tapped out, but Bowell expresses that devs will be able to efficiently utilize “every last byte” using Havok:

“In terms of Havok technology, it has always been our goal to enable developers to do more with less. Even with the large amounts of RAM available, the developers will still find ways to use even last byte.

“To that end, it is always a requirement for middleware to have the smallest possible memory footprint. This is also becoming even more of a requirement as console developers look at ways to bring their title to mobile platforms.”


Furthermore, it’ll be interesting to see what methods developers create in order to maintain and utilize the full extend of each console’s memory.

We know that the Xbox One allocates 5GB of RAM for its games, but the PS4’s memory allocation is still shady–it’s possible that 5.5GB might be the figure. Additionally there are a few concerns such as the possible limitations of the Xbox One’s eSRAM — but overall both systems offer a hefty boost in memory performance when compared to last-gen consoles.

Although both consoles are on the market, developers are busily delving into each system’s innards and learning new things everyday. Given enough time, they will be able to harness the full power of the Xbox One and PS4 to create truly superb titles.

Via Gaming Bolt

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