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Harlem Shake takes over cyberspace and airspace

YouTube's latest sensation, Harlem Shake, is spreading worldwide. From Google's embedded Harlem Shake Easter Egg to a Colorado College ultimate frisbee team, there's no wonder why this chaotic trend is so popular.

Started by Baauer, a young music producer, the “Harlem Shake” is a new Internet trend that has taken the world by storm. For the few that haven’t heard of it, “Harlem Shake” is a worldwide video craze consisting of usually one character doing small dancing movements during the buildup of the song, then many characters dancing humorously after the song itself takes a turn for the chaotic. Sports teams, colleges, and general crowds of people have flocked towards the idea, with high hopes that their video will bring them online fame. Though, there is question about whether a small Colorado College ultimate Frisbee team has taken it too far.

On February 15th, the band of athletes asked the flight crew of Frontier Airlines Flight 157 if they and any other willing participants on the plane could film a Harlem Shake video—while in the air. The flight crew approved, seemingly eager to be a part of the trend, and those interesting in being in the video took their positions. Donning an Abe Lincoln mask and a banana costume, the college students took the lead in the front as they and many other passengers danced—without music.

According to Matt Zelin, a sophomore on the team, “The music didn’t work and nobody had the song downloaded and it was actually just people dancing around on an airplane with no music whatsoever.” Due to concerns about safety, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) decided to investigate the video. “Better to be safe than sorry,” says FAA spokesman Tony Molinero. Don’t worry, the seatbelt sign was off.

YouTube, the source of Harlem Shake’s success, has embedded a small Easter egg when you search “Do the Harlem Shake”. After searching, the song begins playing as the YouTube logo in the top left corner wobbles during the buildup. As the song intensifies, videos brought up by the search begin shaking randomly. Many other elements of the page like your username, the search bar, and buttons turn seizure-like during the song. Worth the search just to see the YouTube logo dance.

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