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Hands on with the Jabra FREEWAY and Jabra Stone 2

Jabra Stone2 Bluetooth headset

Those who prefer something a little more mobile and private than an in-car speaker system need not worry though: Jabra has also announced the Jabra Stone2, a highly-portable bluetooth headset which is no larger than the size of your average hockey puck.

Owners of the first Jabra Stone Bluetooth headset will realize that both the Stone and the Stone2 sport identical designs. This is due to the fact that the Stone2 uses the same shell or 'template' as its predecessor.

For those who are wondering how small the actual Bluetooth headset is when detached from its wireless charging cradle, this image below should serve to quell most of your doubts about its size (or lack of it).

With something this small, you might be wondering how a user is supposed to operate the Bluetooth headset. Well, cleverly hidden under the Jabra logo is a tiny power button: users just need to push on the logo and the device will magically spring to life. Volume control is done by simplying sliding one's finger up or down the Stone2's body; touch sensors located within the device will detect the gestures and adjust the volume accordingly.

That being said, the Stone2 comes with a certain feature that was not present in the original Stone Bluetooth headset. See the three indicator LEDs found on the Stone2, as shown in the image below? These are charging indicators, and they will light up as soon as the headset is docked into the charging cradle.

Pricing and availability

The Jabra Stone2 Bluetooth headset is already available for sale in Singapore at the retail price of S$198 and can be bought in any colour of your choice, as long as it is black. That being said, we have got word that Jabra might consider a white or red version of the Stone2, so do check back for updates.

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