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Hands on pictures of Gigabyte’s upcoming X79 motherboards

Next up is the X79-UD7 which is as we mentioned before the replacement for Gigabyte's X58-OC. It has the same heatsink configuration as the UD5, although in orange rather than blue. The main features here are the overclocking buttons, power measuring points, extra power via a pair of eight pin connectors as well as two SATA power connectors on the front edge of the board. There's also a POST80 debug LED on this board, a feature we hope Gigabyte will add to more of its motherboards, as it's a real time saver when something is wrong with a system. Not so much going on around the back, although the O.C. button gets to reside here rather than up front with the other buttons, unlike the X58-OC.

Lastly we have the G1.Assassin 2 which actually looks a lot better in real life than in pictures, although opinions are divided in the team here at VR-Zone about the heatsinks. Love 'em or hate 'em, at least they're unique to Gigabyte and we can't help but snicker at the statement Gigabyte had to print on the heatsink due to some complications in the past when going through customs. As with the UD5, there are no PCI Express switches on this board. As with the previous G1.Assassin board, we're looking at Creative X-Fi audio and a Killer NIC as the major extras on this board. Around the back we find the same BIOS switch O.C. button and reset button as on the previous two boards, although here we get a pair of eSATAp ports as well.

We also got a quick look at the GC-WIFI card as Gigabyte's add-on 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 card is called and as far as we're aware, the current version features the Atheros AR9004WB-1NG chipset which is a combined single chip 150Mbit Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 solution. That said, Gigabyte did mention that they're looking at other alternatives as well. For those concerned that this will add a lot of cost, apparently it won't, although Gigabyte wouldn't say exactly how much the card costs them to bundle with the boards, but it's meant to be a freebie rather than add extra cost to the boards.

There are quite a few things we can't tell you about as well, at least not yet, such as Gigabyte new UEFI which will be something of a game changer for those that are uncomfortable poking around with the BIOS/UEFI settings. Sadly we can't tell you more than now, but it's not the only new feature that Gigabyte will be including with these boards. We'll provide more details as soon as we can, although it's unlikely to be until the official launch as Gigabyte doesn't want to give away details of what they've got planned too early.

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