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Halo: Reach Funan Launch in Singapore – 14 Sept 2010

What does it take to be the first in line? Well, for Justin it took 18 hours of queuing. He could have probably come a little later but who is to say someone else wouldn’t be willing to sacrifice even more hours of waiting.

Justin as it turns out has enjoyed the Halo series and has been dying to see and play more. He’ll be busy tonight studying…for his exam tomorrow and not the latest Halo: Reach multi-player strategies or special attacks.

We salute you for sacrificing all that time. I’m sure the Master Chief wants this kind of commitment and sacrificing for the cause. ūüėČ  Attention~!

At ease soldier.

18, 17, 16….what ever amount of hours people were queuing for, we all eventually have to go and use the toilet. So, this lovely lady went around giving out queue holding passes for individuals to go and take toilet breaks.

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