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Halo 4 leaked, single-player campaign ready for play

The official launch date for Halo 4 isn’t until November 6, but apparently a hard copy of the game has already been leaked onto the internet.  Unlike the days where seafaring pirates had to roam the endless seas in search of ships to loot, all modern day internet pirates have to do is type in some keywords for what they want to download.

(Physical copy of the leaked Halo 4 Discs)

Halo 4, according to the image posted on reddit, will come with two discs.  Disc 1 will contain the single-player campaign, and Disc 2 will contain what’s needed for the multi-player mode.  The 8GB single-player disc has already been uploaded to various p2p sites, which (after it's downloaded) can be burned onto a dual-layer DVD.  Of course, if anyone wishes to play the pirated game will need to have their Xbox 360 modified in some way shape or form. 

The multi-player Disc is a whole different beast, because Halo 4 hasn’t been released.  Microsoft claims that they are working with law enforcement in looking for the source of the leak in a statement to The Examiner.

“We have seen the reports of Halo 4 content being propped on the Web and are working closely with our security teams and law enforcement to address the situation.”

Naturally, a leak of this magnitude means massive spoilers, and if anyone wants to wait for the official release, don't search for Halo 4 news until then.  Furthermore, anyone who is considering downloading and playing the pirated copy of Halo 4 runs the risk of having their console banned permanently from Xbox Live.

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