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Haier upgrades HaiPad tablet device, still available only in China

It has been some time since we talked about Chinese products, but that does not mean that the consumer electronics scene in China has been mellowing out somewhat. On the contrary, it seems to be just as lively as it always has been, and the best proof of that fact is has got to be Haier's recent product launch, where it officially unveiled its upgraded Haipad tablet device for the Chinese domestic market.

Haier may not be all that well-known in other parts of the world, but it seems that the company is well-regarded as one of the trusted household brands over in China, and it shows. Apparently, the company's earlier Haipad tablet has done well enough in the Chinese domestic market for it to jusfity the release of an upgraded veraion of the tablet that comes with some notable improvements over its predecessor.

According to a report published by Shanzhai.com, the upgraded Haipad tablet, which was launched yesterday in China, sports a new operating system in the form of "a DianXin version of Android"… and version 2.2 at that. This puts the Haipad in a bit of a disadvantage, as most tablets that have been released for sale recently now sport the newer and more advanced Honeycomb.

That being said, little about the tablet's hardware specifications has been made public, although Shanzhai.com claims that the upgraded Haipad will sport a seven-inch touchscreen, dual cameras, built-in support for 3G, and utilizes a Samsung processor clocked at 1GHz. In addition, Shanzhai.com also claims that consumers will have five color choices to choose from for the Haipad, and that the company has launched its own app store to provide "more than 15,000 apps to Chinese consumers", although it did not mention whether the Haipad will support the official Android Market. 

No information about pricing has been revealed by Haier yet, although the report claims that the Haipad is expected to be released for sale in China only by August this year.

Source: Shanzhai.com

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