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Hackers successfully unlock Atrix 4G’s bootloader, thanks to Motorola

Most people will be fully aware that Motorola used to adopt an "anti-hacker" strategy for its Android-powered smartphones by securing them with various tamperproof mechanisms, such as locking the bootloader and futher restricting access to it by implementing the dreaded eFuse system. However, Motorola fans, expecially users of the new Atrix smartphone, will probably be gratified to know that things appear to be changing for the better, thanks to a chance discovery made by the hacker community about the company's upcoming Gingerbread update for the device.

Ever since the fiasco over its use of eFuse technology in its smartphones to prevent users from installing their own custom firmware made headlines for the wrong reasons, Motorola has been adopting a friendlier approach with regards to the notion of having consumers unlocking their devices and performing all kinds of modiciations to it, and the latest information seems to confirm the fact. Apparently, some hackers were able to get their hands on a leaked build of an upcoming Gingerbread update for the recently-launched Atrix smartphone, and have used some of the information in it to produce a working patch that essentially unlocks the device's bootloader.

Yes, this is an actual screenshot of the unlocking sequence

That being said, you must probably be wondering why we said that the hackers' efforts were possible with Motorola's help. Well, the answer is quite simple; apparently, the leaked build which the hacker community managed to get its hands on actually contains a code within the firmware which unlocks the Atrix's bootloader upon installation. That is right; in other words, Motorola had already planned to carry out its promise to the hacker community by unlocking the Atrix's bootloader with the upcoming Gingerbread update for the device, and that the hacker community did not really create the bootloader unlock instructions from scratch. Rather, they utilized the code to create their own unlocker patch which allows impatient users who cannot afford to wait for the official update to unlock their Atrix right now and start installing their custom formware of choice.

Of course, with the act of using unauthorized tools to unlock a handset's bootloader being one that is of dubious legality, we will not be posting any links or instructions on how users can obtain and use the unofficial patch to unlock their Atrix. Last but not leasr, if you do decide to go ahead with the risk either way, let's just say that VR-Zone cannot, and will not be responsible for any unexpected mishaps that may occur in the unlocking process. You have been warned.

Source: Engadget

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