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Hacker threatens to leak unpublished next-generation console info

Dylan a.k.a. SuperDaE, the same guy who tried to sell two Xbox One developer kits on eBay, threatened to leak unpublished info on the next generation consoles if he is arrested today without a formal charge.

SuperDaE first came under news spotlight a couple of month ago as the man trying to sell Xbox One developer kits on eBay. The Australian resident later had his home raided by law enforcement (well, obviously!). Dylan has now threatened to expose more exclusive info on Microsoft's next-generation console should he be arrested today. According to a report on Kotaku, Dylan has cleverly set up an automated message on Twitter to publish the link to an FTP server should he fail to manually disable it (by being in front of his computer) by 8 am (EST).

Monday, 27 MAY 2013 @ 20:00 +8GMTMake your decision. #fbi #wapol

— DAE (@superDaE) May 26, 2013

Anyone with a link to the FTP server will be able to access over 2 TB of read-only files. Reports suggest that those files contain SDKs (Software Development Kits) for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 as well as Nintendo's Wii U gaming consoles. SuperDaE also claims to have code from the unreleased Epic Games engine, Unreal Engine 4.

"It only leaks if I get arrested," SuperDaE told Kotaku

The raid on Dylan's home happened way back in February, although no charges were filed against him. The hacker has firm reasons to believe that this raid was carried out on Microsoft's request, although the software firm denied any involvement in the same. This message cum thread issued by SuperDaE comes as a "political statement" in the words of the hacker against "The U.S. works on Capitalism. The government isn't Microsoft's personal servant." 

As much as we'd hate such a leak to cause any damage to next-gen consoles or development for the said platforms, we would love to find out what exactly is hidden in those files that SuperDaE in is possession of. Oh well, we should find out its fate soon enough.


I guess everyone will have to wait for another day, I won't be removing the trap however, just to be safe.:-)

— DAE (@superDaE) May 27, 2013

Looks like SuperDaE didn't get picked up. It seems that we won't be getting our hands dirty with any new next-gen console info, SDKs, documentation etc. Well, perhaps some other day (DaE mentions that in his tweet as well). For now, the hacker hasn't removed his safety trap, just in case the police come knocking on his doors again (in the near future).

Source: Kotaku

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