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Hacker releases 1.7TB of Gaming Information

SuperDaE is an Australian hacker who was arrested earlier this year for breaching official sites and servers of gaming companies like Sony, Microsoft, Epic, Blizzard and even Valve. SuperDaE also vowed that if he was ever taken by police, he would eventually release an “insurance file” of material from those gaming companies, as a way of proving his skills but also show what some of the biggest game companies are working on. Today was that day.

SuperDaE tweeted earlier today, “Insurance Up” and it became a free-for-all. The files are, however, encrypted but early sources say contain material from Gears of War, World of Warcraft and work from developers such as THQ, Epic and United Front Games. The files can be accessed via a 1.7TB torrent that can be downloaded or files can be chosen separately via SuperDae’s FTP server. Unfortunately, SuperDaE’s site is currently inaccessible and access to a cached version is not possible.

DaE’s FTP also contains material on the software development kits for Sony’s PS4, Microsoft’s Xbox One and the Wii U. In the treasure trove there is old code for unreleased games from THQ such as Company of Heroes 2 and WWE 14. The Epic directory includes folders for Unreal Engine 4 projects such as the unreleased Fortnite and codenames for projects called Kilo, Lima and Orion. When SuperDaE was asked via Twitter what the FTP contained, he replied, “Enough files to change the video game industry for better.”

The files may or may not be for ransom as the encryption needs to be unlocked with a necesssary code or key. Currently, the hacker has not made clear how any downloader could get a key to open the files to browse. If he actually was in Valve’s servers, it’d be great to see some work on Half Life 3 shown.

via Kotaku

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