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H.I.S X850XT Platinum Edition IceQ II VIVO AGP

One look at the card, the first thing that one will see, would probably the
attention grabbing heatsink/fan unit. With such fan stock installed, we could
make no mistake in recognizing the card at all! It is not the first time H.I.S
choose to adopt such cooling solutions, and with strong anticipation once again,
this design is brought back to the latest card.

The cooling of this card needs no introduction. One look, you’ll know it’s
from the renowned Swiss cooling company, Artic Cooling. Specializing in
extremely quiet fans, H.I.S promised to have a 20dB or less, in operational
noise. That is far quieter then any other X850XT PE in the market!

On this model, it spots a custom version of ATi Sliencer 5. H.I.S had done a
great deal of cosmetics onto this card. While H.I.S comes with a mysterious blue
UV coating on the plastic frame of the card, the original ATi Sliencer only had
a standard frame.

Against some sunlight, you could already see the slight blue tinge from the
plastic frame.

The rear of the card. A large piece of heat plate is present, to cool the
rear 4 memory chips. A pretty neat solution H.I.S got over here, as compared to
other makers.


The rams seen here were in contact to the large copper base on the heatsink.
Great cooling throughout the whole card. However, it’ll be more welcoming if the
thermal pad for rams could be thinner, to allow better heat transfer between the
rams and the heatsink.


The cooling solution was this card’s forte, however, it also comes with some
very slight down points. One of such is this pretty, eye-catching cooler needs 2
slots to satisfy it. Those who have a fully populated motherboard filled with
PCI card, this is not for you… The 2nd slot is needed for the large fan, and
also, a vent to propel hot air out of the system effectively.

As seen in this picture, the 2 slot I/O back plate for this card. the large
vent on the top is for the expulsion of hot air from the large fan. Also seen in
this picture, the VGA port, Component I/O (supporting HDTV YPrPb component
output, and Video input), and lastly the DVI port, good for new LCD/Plasma


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