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Guy retrieves stolen iPhone with a hammer & OKCupid

There's nothing new about someone losing their smartphone, it happens all the time, and we've all heard the stories of how some of them managed to get their smartphones back. But I wonder how many involved the use of a hammer and the OKCupid dating site?

It's a common refrain these days, you know, the one where someone has either forgotten their smartphone somewhere stupid or had it stolen; and in most cases that's the end of it as the poor sap who lost their smartphone heads to the store to buy another one.

In rare cases however we hear different stories of people who have managed to get their phone back, either because someone found it and decided to be a good human being and return it to the owner; or we hear about the phone being found because some idiot uses it to post to some social media site bragging about their "new" phone.

The second option is the one that Nadav Nirenberg found himself relying on recently after some joker stole his iPhone 4. At first Nirenberg thought he'd have to get in line somewhere to buy a new phone but then he started getting email alerts from the OKCupid dating site. It seems that the person who had stolen his phone decided that it would be a great way to talk with the ladies on the dating site, and to add insult to injury he used Nirenberg's image as his own.

So Nirenberrg, with some help from some friends, put together a plan to get his phone back. They first got a photo from Google image search showing a smiling woman with her cleavage showing and used it as the image for a fake "Jennifer Gonzalez" OKCupid profile. At that point Nirenberg started sending messages to the person that had stolen his phone and was pretending to be him on the dating site.

Needless to say the crook replied and they set up a date for later that day. Nirenberg gave the crook the address to his apartment and sent the message containing lots of winks and smiley faces so that it would seem real.

It goes without saying that the thief showed up carrying a bottle of wine and when he knock on the door of Nirenberg's apartment, Nirenberg came up from behind and tapped the thief on the shoulder. The thief turned around to find himself facing the real owner of the phone holding a hammer and asking for his iPhone back.

Of course the thief complied and left. Nirenberg decided not to press any charges – he just wanted his phone back.

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