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Guy builds a Batmobile with a real turbine, jazzes it up with an iPad

Now this is not really a gadget-related piece of news per se, but it is still something that is interesting enough to warrant some mention on our front page. Apparently, a hardcore Batman fan was able to go about building his own Batmobile with a real honest-to-goodness turbine engine, but the best part is that he was also able to jazz up the build by throwing in an iPad for its avionics. Wait, say what?

Do you fancy having your own Batmobile to drive on the roads? Well, the unfortunate truth is that Bruce Wayne's superpowered car may not be the kind of vehicle one can simply purchase off a car dealer, so most fans have taken to building their own version of the Batmobile, each with varying results. However, it seems that this particular fan-made Batmobile built by a Casey Putsch has to take the cake where realism is concerned, and for good reason.

According to a report published by DVICE, Putsch based his build off Tim Burton's1989 Batman Batmobile, but unlike most fan-made versions of the Caped Crusader's iconic vehicle, Putsch was somehow able to cram in an actual turbine jet engine that was reportedly sourced from an old U.S. Navy drone helicopter, and is capable of utilizing either jet fuel, kerosene or diesel to provide its power. However, Putsch has also attempted to keep his Batmobile up to date by installing an iPad (3G capable version) that is responsible for providing both the Batmobile's avionics and GPS-assisted navigational systems.

And if you are wondering, yes, Putsch's Batmobile is apparently considered to be street-legal, with DVICE claiming that the "two-seater Batmobile is…capable of 365 horsepower, or about the same as a Dodge Viper". Now wouldn't you love to take this little monster out on the roads for a little joyride?

Source: DVICE

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