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Guillermo del Toro teases possibility of Pacific Rim game


Del Toro discusses his new movie and his shock at the ending of Bioshock Infinite.

Guillermo del Toro, the director of stunning visual masterpieces such as  Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy and Blade 2, has stated his love for video games over and over again. As an avid gamer, Del Toro was attending E3, speaking at a screening of new footage from his upcoming project, Pacific  Rim.  Del Toro stated he would love to work on a full-scale video game adaptation of Pacific Rim, if the film turns out to be a success.

Due next month, Pacific Rim is the story of a group of young soldiers who fight intergalactic creatures in the form gigantic robot suits. Like Neon Genesis Evangelion, but with a less confusing string of character and plot arcs. The movie has already garnered a lot of press of being video game like and Del Toro hopes to continue in that direction. Del Toro stated that he hopes the movie really connects with an audience so he can “create a game properly and take proper time.” He says the minimum development time needed would be “three years minimum”,  to make a game that could expand the film’s universe. Del Toro praised the gaming medium and added that more Hollywood properties should be “transmedia.”


When asked about if he’d been playing anything recently, he said he and his daughter finished BioShock Infinite. “It’s such a great mindf**k”, del Toro said of the game. “It’s also beautiful and I think, obviously, [Ken] Levine (creator of the Bioshock franchise) always has such beautiful cross-cultural references, like Comstock and the Civil War and all that, I have to explain them to my daughter — I don’t explain Comstock, that’s a little heavy…I love the richness of those worlds. He’s one of the best world creators in any of the visual forms, period.”

del Toro has dabbled in the gaming world before. Sadly his latest gaming project, Insane, was shelved before being cancelled by THQ, who went under earlier this year. Since then, del Toro has been trying to find a new developer for the project to no avail.

via Polygon

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